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People use blinds, shutters and awnings not only to maintain their privacy but for several other reasons like reducing the noise, see out during day but maintaining privacy in night etc.

Blinds FAQ

What is most effective blind to absorb noise?

Blinds can be used by homeowner to reduce noise. Noise of trains, traffic and even neighbors cause problems to some homeowners which can easily be resolved by using blinds, shutters and awnings. Several manufacturers of cellular blinds describe them as the best sound absorbers which may also block the lights to come in your room during day time. If you want a dark room during the day time, then this could help you in getting the same.

What allows people to watch out in day time and gives privacy in night?

Roll screen with mesh fabrics allow you to see out during the day while remaining hidden from view but at night the effect gets reversed as you can not see out but someone can see in. you will have to combine a screen blind with another blind or curtain made of translucent fabrics that can block out the view for privacy at night.

Can you see through your Rollscreen, Panel Screen and Screen Roman blinds?

Roll screen allows you to see through from in to out during day but at night as the lights lit inside the room you can not see out but outsider can see in. Roman blinds also allow sun rays to come into your room whereas screen fabric used with it protects you from being viewed from out side. Panel blinds are made of woven wood or fabric panels which allow you to see through when they are open but when they are closed they provide a perfect solar shading alongwith a contemporary look.

How to instal a roller blind so when rolling up will go up in a perfect manner and there would be no drift?

Roller blinds must be installed by making a perfect balance between the roller blades to allow them roll up uniformly without drifting to either of the sides. You should use suitable type of screws according to the surface on which the roller blinds are to be installed. The blinds of the roller blinds should be kept in a way so that it may not get obstructed when lowered or raised. Fix it with proper screws to ensure proper working of the roller blinds. Your roller blinds installed in a proper manner will allow it to roll up uniformly without gliding to any particular side.

Is there a built in control measurement or should the blind need to sit absolutely level when installed?

Yes, the blinds are needed to sit absolutely in level when installed as there is no built in system that can control its balancing.

How do I clean my Blinds?

Blinds are very useful part of your room décor that save you not only from the heat of scorching sun but also help you in maintaining your privacy round the clock. You should clean them frequently and regularly to maintain their looks and décor of the room intact. Though cleaning blinds is considered embarrassing but it can be easy if you take some easy steps. You can use vacuum cleaner f your blinds are made of wood or some other hard material. If your blinds are made of fabric then you can easily wash them with detergent soap in your washing machine also.

Child Safe Blinds – How Safe?

Earlier freely hanging blinds were used in homes that caused many accidents with young children. This had compelled the manufacturers of blinds, shutters and awnings to produce Child Safe Blinds. These blinds are easy to fit on your existing window blinds. These child safe blinds are usually used in hotels, education establishments, homes, hospitals, nurseries and other public places for the safety of younger generation.

Surely a blind is just a blind, how much difference can there be?

The difference between the two types of blinds is mainly due to the materials they are made of. Some blinds are made of fabric whereas other may be made of wood, aluminum, vinyl or any other material that can help you in maintaining your privacy alongwith from the scorching solar heat.

Why do blinds change colour, go milky, go brown and crack?

Blinds change color mainly due to exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. the color of the blinds fade out with continuous exposure to the sun rays which gradually turns to milky and brown and ultimately blinds start cracking.

Can I combine a screen and a blind in the one system?
People usually combine screen with blinds in the same system as blinds may not obstruct the inside view from outside during night hours. In such condition fabric screen is used in combination with blinds to hinder the inside view.

Where can I use Plantation Shutters and Blinds?

Plantation shutters and blinds can be used on windows as they can increase the looks of your hime at lower cost than ay other drapery. Plantation shutters and blinds are great in demand these days and have value even if you sell your home.

How long do Shutters and Blinds last?

The longevity of life of the blinds depends on the material used in them. The blinds shutter and awnings used on the outer surface continuously remain exposed to sun rays which deteriorate them through its UV rays thus their life gets reduced much as compared to shutters and blinds used on the windows away from sunlight.

Why are there different blades sizes and shapes in Plantation Shutters and Timber Venetian Blinds?

Plantation Shutters and Timber Venetian Blinds are normally made of blades of different sizes and shapes according to the space to be covered by them. Blades of plantation shutters and timber venetian blinds help in controlling the light, ventilation and privacy of the residents through their rotation. Blades of these shutters and blinds can be managed easily.